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The process described in Simple terms

Certified oral translations, colloquially known as sworn translations, are performed by translators practising their profession on the basis of the rights granted by the Minister of Justice and the Act of November 25, 2004 (Journal of Laws No. 273, item 2702)

A sworn interpreter translates statements during the procedures provided by under the law and administrative activities, and then certifies the documents created as a result of these operations with his/her signature and seal.

Such a translation is necessary in the following situations

  • at a notary’s office, when signing contracts and notarial deeds, when one of the appearing parties is a person who speaks a foreign language,
  • during court proceeding involving a citizen of another country,
  • for procedural acts such as an interrogation at a prosecutor’s office or in jail,
  • when completing formalities at administrative offices,
  • at annual general meetings of shareholders or partners of companies, during which the interpreter translates the statements, and then certifies them in the protocols with his/her signature and seal,
  • during wedding ceremonies at a registrar’s office or in a church.


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20 December 2018

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5 December 2018

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